Corey Rezner has grown up most of his life on the Gulf Coast, Alabama. He lived in Maui Hawaii first half of 2017, Teaching SUP and playing Music.  For Three years he resided in Denver CO and played nearly every night of the week around Colorado, touring occasionally in the Southern United States and Hawaiian Islands. Corey Rezner has been playing music professionally for 12 years, playing covers and originals in 15 different states. He brings his soulful music from Alabama and has a current album, Mercy Mercy, released on Baldwin County Public Records. Mercy Mercy was written by Rezner and produced and recorded in 2015 by Anthony Crawford (Neil Young, Steve Winwood, Dwight Yoakum). Corey has made a very influential impact on the Denver Music scene, booking many bands and multiple venues in and around the Denver area.  Visit the store for more information on Corey Rezner's album.


Bayside Grill

Point Clear AL

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